Charity Project

One of the most misunderstood aspects of libertarianism is the steadfast  & demonstrable belief that free people can and will come to the aid of one another far more often, kindly, and impactfully than any government consisting of politicians & bureaucrats atop a hill. So, what shall we do on this day?

Depending upon your choice of volunteering, there may or may not be an expense involved.
Some may purchase toys for children, others may purchase trial-size necessities for the homeless.
You decide: YOYO

Minimum price: $0.00

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Saturday Daytime, January 22nd

What would you like to do to help others in need?

  • handout non-food items to nearby homeless
  • sign-up to perform necessary labor for an existing charitable organization
  • visit a nearby hospital to entertain and/or bring gifts to children, veterans, or others

Or is there something else special you’d like to do better than the government that helps others?