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Garrett Foster ~ 2 years later

by Judith,

Today is the mournful anniversary of a tragic loss in Austin, Texas. Exactly 2 years ago to the day, a young man was shot dead during what was arguably a peaceful protest during the summer of 2020. He had been there for most of 30…

Uvalde Activism

by Judith,

Is cowardice the new definition of “peace” officers? And is cover-up the new job duty of elected & appointed officials? Who wasn’t viscerally repulsed watching the video of 19 innocent lives lost over 77 minutes of inaction by law enforcement? If virtually every mass shooting…

Blood of Tyrants: Dinner & Drinks with Dan

by Judith,

Dan “Taxation Is Theft” Behrman is coming to town to offer us the Blood of Tyrants! Proceeds and any other fundraising will go to any one or more of these nonprofits Dan founded last year: The Meteor is providing Texas Gold indoor seating for 15-20…

Introducing Polypines

by VTG,

Texas Gold has commissioned an amazing artist to create our very own NFT! Darius Campbell describes himself as “just a country boy trying to show you his world through his art.” It was a fluke that we found each other, and we’re sure glad we…

TT50 Special Guests

by VTG,

A Few of Our Favorite Freedom Folks We’re excited and honored that so many will be there this Friday, including but not limited to: current candidates, including the next and first Libertarian Governor of Texasa couple of authors (there may be book signings)founders of its…

Grand Opening Sale

by VTG,

Texas Gold is introducing the grand opening of the brand new store with a sale for the first few days! Find attire for men, women, and children, useful things in & out of the home, totes to carry them in, and top it off with…

Party Program Sponsorship

by VTG,

Loading… Advertiser provides artwork.Sponsors will also be listed on the website.Send submissions to Submissions@votetexasgold.orgSubmissions & Payments Deadline: January 15, 2022

Texas Turns 50 and You’re Invited

by Judith,

Libertarians in Texas affiliated with the Libertarian Party a half-century ago, so Texas Gold is throwing a 50th Birthday Party for the Libertarian Party of Texas in our state’s capital and party’s headquarters in Austin TX, on its actual Golden Anniversary: Friday, January 21, 2022.…

Liberty Wins 2021

by Judith,

“Libertarian Party Shatters Records as Unprecedented Number of Libertarians Elected to Office” So much for claims that a 3rd Party isn’t “viable”! Texas Gold has been insisting for awhile that there’s no better time to grow liberty than right now, and it’s happening. [caption id=""…

Look What India’s Doing

by Judith,

Since the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is mulling over the merits of suing our federal government over mandates, including consideration of whether or not to join in another suit or go its own way, it may be wise to watch what the Indian Bar Association…

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