Vote Texas Gold was originally Texans for Jorgensen & Cohen, the official state-level presidential ticket campaign in 2020.

After the election, the directors convened to review campaign strategy, and decide whether to disband or continue so that it would be ready to hit the ground running at the next election for POTUS in 2024.

Consensus was to keep it going, focusing on local elections and helping build the party and grow the movement, especially in Texas.

Thus Vote Texas Gold was born, and has since engaged in numerous activities to spread & promote liberty, including campaigns, elections, legislation, coalition-building, and marketing liberty.


VTG's mission is to restore & amplify our inherent & inalienable freedoms by

  • Raising awareness
  • Correcting messaging
  • Spreading the word of liberty


Texas Gold now has its sight set on marketing liberty as never before on print & performance media, producing high-value content for distribution on mainstream channels & other places and in publications.

Success necessitates funding for freedom from anyone seeking liberty, whether or not in the Libertarian Party, because we all benefit when we’re free.

Board of Directors

Judith Ruder

Judith Ruder

Aka “The Fixer”, Judith was the Director of Special Projects for Texans for Jorgensen & Cohen, the official state-level campaign for the Libertarian Party presidential ticket in 2020.

She has been volunteering since the time she could first walk & talk, whether for individuals or organizations, ultimately starting nonprofits, in addition to founding & building businesses including CoCare Children’s Services and Public Awareness Media.

Drawing on these experiences, as well as those in the entertainment industry and event implementation, Judith is now embarking on this cause to raise awareness among the masses for freedom.

Position Open


JD Ruder

John “JD” Ruder


A Native Austinite, JD is on a mission to dismantle the central banking cartel and empower the liberty movement by furthering adoption of cryptocurrency, along with decentralizing a few other things.

He attended Birmingham-Southern College, majoring in Computer and Information Sciences, as well as Physics, with a minor in Mathematics. 

He also holds accounting certificates from Purdue University and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

JD is an adventurous  outdoorsman, voracious reader & prolific writer, and an avid player of the ancient game 棋院, otherwise known as Go.


Texas Gold is made possible by the blood, sweat, and tears of our talented & skilled and very much dedicated volunteers:
Sean Sparkman, Daniel Behrman, Jon Stokes, David Johnson, Thomas Quiter, Anna Sparkman, Michael Disciullo, Robert Pitts, Agatha Venters, Açmae EL, Jack Ji, Daniel McCarthy

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freedom in our lifetime

Bring our troops home

Our children, neighbors, and friends need not risk their lives in other countries for oil or war profiteering.

Be the boss of your own body

Nobody owns you, but you. Politicans atop a hill have no business making your medical, recreational, and other personal decisions.

Reduce or eliminate taxation

Elected officials are taking out loans with the promise of payment from future generations, meanwhile enriching themselves with taxpayer money by granting favors to special interests that give them tips & gifts and help keep them in power. This is the epitome of taxation without representation.

Easier access to affordable healthcare

Corporate winners chosen by our government have a stranglehold on the medical industry, crushing any competition with lobbyists, exorbitant fees, and ridiculous restrictions, tipping the scales in their favor by legislating unreasonable rules and raising costs for patients & taxpayers.

Expanded educational opportunity choices

Where once we boasted the most educated of nations, we’ve slipped so far down that we’re fooling ourselves if we believe that just pouring more money into a failing system will change our direction uphill again. Not to mention since government got into the game, working one’s way through college is mostly a story of a bygone era. It’s past the time to put the power of educating young humans back into the hands of those most lovingly invested in their wellbeing and success: students, parents, educators.

Dramatically reduce drug & human trafficking

Let’s face it, the war on drugs is a lost war. When has prohibition worked? It is the reason for violent cartels, and the ’94 Crime Bill has almost singlehandedly destroyed more lives, families, and whole communities than just about any other existing legislation. That and the continued criminalization of sex work have put more lives in danger than engaging in the very acts those laws are supposedly intended to curtail.

No obstructions in protecting yourself and others

We do not have a Constitutional right to bear arms; our right is inalienable, not to be infringed upon according to the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Yet our government seeks to disarm us, or at least ensure nobody can defend oneself against it. This despite the founding first law of our nation specifically including it to protect the people from the government.

Give as much as you wish to whomever you wish

Whether it’s money, gifts, or essential needs, our government will regulate the daylights out of it, tax it to kingdom come, or outright prevent it from happening at all, incentivizing us to plead with politicians to come to our aid instead or push us off on its chosen well-funded nonprofits, while we grudgingly pay higher taxes in the name of doing so. How could it possibly be against the law to come to the aid of anyone anytime without government taking a cut?

Live in peace without government interference

Our nation is overly legislated from cities on up. Next time you’re thinking “there oughta be a law,” remember that no law is so trivial that government won’t financially devastate, incarcerate, or kill you to enforce it.