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Is cowardice the new definition of “peace” officers?

And is cover-up the new job duty of elected & appointed officials?

Who wasn’t viscerally repulsed watching the video of 19 innocent lives lost over 77 minutes of inaction by law enforcement?

If virtually every mass shooting is perpetrated against those contained in soft targets, then why does government keep creating soft targets?

Why are we forced to pay people who abuse authority over us to which many did not consent and who don’t do the job we’re told we hired them for?

Local law enforcement officers are harassing victims’ families by pulling them over and citing them for every little thing, falsely or not, positioning themselves at their homes to intimidate them such as flashing their brights at them for up to 45 minutes, and outright telling them not to talk to the press, or else. The hero mom herself ended up in jail for an alleged probation violation. How can this possibly be OK?

Other atrocities are compounding the tragedy every day. One family didn’t see its deceased child until after his body arrived at a funeral home not of their choosing when asked to bring clothes for him to be dressed. Officials have threatened to take down all objects at the memorial site this week, and to destroy the building which would eliminate evidence. How can any of us allow this?

Several supposed victim funds have been combined into one, with a steering committee comprised of comparative elites to decide who gets what. According to one report, so far over $41M has been donated, but only $14M will be distributed to the victims’ families, and not until at least September 2022. There is no auditing of the fund as of this writing, nor anything planned to account for disbursement of donated funds.

Better organized groups have already descended upon Uvalde to clamor for greater gun control, as if that would solve the problem of increasing mass shootings. We need to be there as the voice of reason to counter that claim, as we know it only creates more targets for shooters, while disarming those who would protect them.

“Several hundred law enforcement officers spent over an hour taking down a shooter in Texas.
“One young adult with a gun stopped a shooter before police arrived in Indiana.”

Banning guns does not protect us; more gun control puts us in harm’s way. One need only take a closer look at places where our right to bear arms has been infringed verses those where our rights are protected to see the devastating & deadly results of the former. Regardless of the reasons stated to disarm us, gun control laws merely take weapons of defense away from us, leaving them in the hands of criminals & cops.

According to another report, the corruption within the city & county runs deep, far moreso than even articles critical of them would suggest. These people need our help, and they need it now.

Call to Action

Texas Gold is calling for other impassioned people to come together in meaningful & effective activism to render aid to those suffering & harassed and advocate for changing the prevailing status quo that won’t end until we end it.

We must show up to be seen & heard loudly & clearly. The people impacted & harmed need us, and we need to push change forward in a big way all over.

What can you do?

Help us find more boots-on-the-ground to provide timely intel.

Come with us to Uvalde for school district or board, municipal, county, state, and other public meetings.

Read more at KENS5, KVUE, Austin American-Statesman, and many more sources.

Join the Libertarian Party of Texas and/or You Are the Power.

Volunteer to help protect individuals from harassment by “authorities”, with their consent.

Participate in peaceful but uncomfortable protest in support of those suffering and to counter the voices calling for more restrictions instead of more freedoms.

Get in touch with us NOW: Texas Gold

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