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Introducing Polypines


Texas Gold has commissioned an amazing artist to create our very own NFT!

Darius Campbell describes himself as “just a country boy trying to show you his world through his art.” It was a fluke that we found each other, and we’re sure glad we did, because his artwork is outstanding so we’re betting we caught him just before the whole world finds out. Take a look and follow along as he builds his portfolio here.

Darius Campbell

Before dropping to the general public, the very first to receive one will be those that pay full price for our name-your-price tickets to the Texas Turns 50 Golden Jubilee on Friday, January 21st. Anyone who has already purchased a ticket at under-price may make another payment to bring it up to full price in order to be awarded an NFT.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the Golden Gala of the Libertarian Party of Texas, doing more liberty stuff together, and watching the works of this artist.

Join our Texas Gold Polypines NFT community channel on Discord!

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