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Liberty Wins 2021

So much for claims that a 3rd Party isn’t “viable”! Texas Gold has been insisting for awhile that there’s no better time to grow liberty than right now, and it’s happening.
Photo courtesy of the Libertarian Party
Photo courtesy of the Libertarian Party
Pennsylvania results overshadowed all other states, including ours, largely due to the Moulton Maneuver which exploited a convenient weakness in filing deadlines so that the LPPA committee dedicated to it could count on exactly who had filed for all offices prior to the deadline for LP candidates filing. This meant those hardworking volunteers were able to focus resources on those races where the greatest chances to win them lay, and reaching out to all registered members in its state to seriously consider running for them.
The same circumstances aren’t present in Texas. However, there’s nothing preventing a similar committee forming that can come close to accomplishing what PA did. Without such an effort, at least 5 Libertarians have been elected just yesterday so far, which is still something to cheer about, since that’s 5 more people in elected offices who’ll use their positions to help set us all free. We can adapt the Moulton Maneuver to Texas, calling it the Texas chapter, or perhaps renaming it the Texas Tactic.
If we want Libertarians elected, then we can’t wait until the next election. It starts now. Who wants it for Texas, and would form or join such a committee to make the dream come true?
What Pennsylvanian Libertarians did in their state was an example of getting past whining & complaining about how unfair the duopoly makes it for us, and therefore all the people — which it most certainly is — to recreate the game, and WIN!
That’s what we’re doing with Texas Gold, marketing liberty as never before, regardless of it getting shut out by the 2 corrupt & controlling parties — because marketing works.
While some people are comfortable letting mommy & daddy government take care of them (except it doesn’t), and force others to do what they want (except it forces everyone to do what enriches politicians), more & more people are discovering a newfound craving for freedom.
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Spike Cohen
Spike Speaks
Sure, whatever gets you through the day, Republicrats.
This incredibly inspiring outcome gives us hope. Does it move you to action, as it does us?  
“Done with the 2 dominant parties; I’m going gold.”

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