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Look What India’s Doing

Since the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is mulling over the merits of suing our federal government over mandates, including consideration of whether or not to join in another suit or go its own way, it may be wise to watch what the Indian Bar Association (IBA) is up to right now.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our nation’s American Bar Association (ABA) were to follow suit (yes, pun intended, and no, let’s not hold our breath)?

This isn’t about being for or against specific pharmaceuticals, to vax or not to vax, or to dictate a particular protocol; it’s about scientific & medical freedom to explore and transparently discuss, bodily autonomy, and personal & civil liberties.

Meanwhile, what about Texas? While our current governor puts on a façade of liberty, he’s mandated masks & lockdowns and more himself, and has attempted to overpower local government officials with whom he disagrees, even if many of us may have been for what he wanted when it came to ending certain mandates.

How about we get ourselves some libertarians elected, advocate for legislation that supports freedom (or rather, remove so many extraneous laws that infringe upon it), and generally promote liberty in our words and actions, learning effective messaging along the way so it makes a difference?

While we’re on the subject, consider supporting and spreading the word about the LNC’s anti-mandate production project, since it’s about time the party of liberty gets seen & heard for being in front of this freedom, as it’s initiated, advocated, and stood for just about every landmark movement toward liberty for a half century, while others take credit and silence those actually responsible.

Not to mention, the current LNC chair is also the current chair of the State Libertarian Executive Committee (SLEC) for the Libertarian Party of Texas, renowned for its top tier social media presence and reach, so there’s ample reason for confidence and high hopes about what the national party produces right now.

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